Ulmus americana cultivars fact sheet

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Ulmus americana cultivars fact sheet

MN- Dutch Elm Disease Resistant Cultivars ( ULAM). Middle- aged Chinese Elm. Selection of Asian species. Watson2 INTRODUCTION This native North American tree grows quickly when young upright, ulmus 80 to 100 feet high , forming a broad , vase- shaped silhouette 60 to 120 cultivars feet wide ( Fig. Why do we plant different cultivars of the American Elm? Trunks on sheet older trees could reach. If you plant American Elm, plan cultivars on implementing a monitoring program fact to watch for symptoms of Dutch elm disease. Middle- aged American Elm. Princeton ( Ulmus americana ' Princeton' ) : Good resistance to Dutch elm disease some to elm leaf beetle; vase- shaped habit fast growth.

This is a cultivar of American elm. Watson2 INTRODUCTION An excellent tree that is surprisingly under- ulmus used, Chinese Elm possesses many traits which make it ideal cultivars for a multitude of landscape uses ( Fig. National Arboretum in Washington, D. American Elm sheet cultivars slide 56c sheet 360% ulmus slide 56d 380% slide 56b 360%. Only the cultivars of American elm that have shown resistance to Dutch cultivars elm disease fact are listed sheet here: ‘ ulmus New Harmony’ – A clone of the old American elm was developed and released by the U. japonica fact ' Prospector' ) Grows to 50 feet tall and 25 americana feet wide with a sheet vase- shaped crown. Grows to 68 feet tall fact 72 feet wide, has a broadly V- shaped crown. Surely there’ s nothing quite like the original Ulmus americana.

Fact Sheet ST- 649 October 1994 Ulmus americana Figure 1. – American elm Subordinate Taxa. Fact Sheet ST- ulmus 652 fact sheet October 1994 Ulmus parvifolia Figure 1. ulmus Ulmus americana L. Gilman and Dennis G. Cultivated Varieties Ulmus americana ‘ Ascendens’ and ‘ Augustine’ - Cultivars with columnar form. Chinese Elm1 Edward F. The classic American Elm is hardy sheet fast- growing , can grow into a healthy aesthetically beautiful ulmus fact specimen with ease. Ulmus americana cultivars fact sheet.

Prospector ( Ulmus davidiana var. Cultivars fact of Ulmus americana. American Elm1 Edward F. A fast- growing deciduous evergreen tree. American elm General Information.

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Dutch elm disease ( DED) is a lethal vascular wilt disease of American elm ( Ulmus americana) that is caused by Ophiostoma novo- ulmi and O. While once widespread in the region, O. ulmi has been displaced by the more aggressive O. novo- ulmi and is now believed to be uncommon to rare in the region.

ulmus americana cultivars fact sheet

Virginia Tech Dendrology American elm Ulmaceae Ulmus americana L. symbol: ULAM Leaf: Alternate, simple, ovate to oblong, 3 to 5 inches long, 1 to 3 inches wide, margin coarsely and sharply doubly serrate, base conspicuously inequilateral, upper surface green and glabrous or slightly scabrous, paler and downy beneath. Ulmus americana ' Princeton', American Elm.